I love those first moments when summer starts to creep in. Like a flower suddenly finding some sun I can feel myself stretching towards the outdoors.


Rather than waiting for the New Year, I find this is the time to make a plan now or resolve to get more activity into my day. Making a big deal of getting back on the wagon, can be enough to rile your resistance into fight mode, so start slow and just get moving. Sure, make a plan, but also listen to what your body is telling you.


I think the sunny and warmer weather naturally makes us want to go for a walk along the beach or in the park, or head to the ocean or the local pool. It means sunnies and tank tops. Water from the fridge rather than the tap. Pop songs to sing in the car with the windows down. So indulge that feeling. Worry less about having the newest gear and just throw on what you can lay your hands on (even if it is last season or two seasons ago), lace up your sneakers and go.


And when there’s resistance? I try the method of telling myself I’ll just go for a short walk or just swim a few laps. Once I’ve reached for my bathers or tied up my sneakers I’m already out the door. Anything after that is a bonus but most of the time I end up going further than I thought I wanted to.


Keep your exercise gear within easy reach including in your car. I have some older sneakers in the boot so if I decide to go straight from work to a walk, I won’t have an excuse.


Telling yourself you’ll just do a little often gets you under the radar of your resistance. For those of us for whom being active isn’t a natural go to, we need to make it as easy as possible.