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Active Ageing

At O2 Active, we are committed to helping older adults lead active, independent lives through our specialised Active Ageing program. Our program is designed to address a range of needs crucial for better ageing, including improving mobility, preventing falls, managing chronic conditions, and enhancing overall health and wellbeing.  

What We Offer:

  • Individualised Exercise Plans: Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists work one-on-one with clients to develop clinical exercise plans tailored to our clients specific needs and goals. Our porgrams provide exercise prescription complimentary to medical management and exercises specifically for falls prevention, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, sarcopenia, frailty, functional capacity and other age-related conditions.

  • In-Clinic Classes: We offer in-clinic classes where members of our active ageing community can connect with like-minded individuals while participating in fun and effective exercises designed to improve strength, balance, and flexibility.

  • Home Visits: For those who prefer the convenience of exercising at home, our exercise physiologists also offer home visit sessions, providing personalised support in the comfort of your own space.

  • Comprehensive Support: Our program covers a wide range of areas including rehabilitation, muscle strength training, pain management, falls prevention, osteoporosis management, chronic disease management, hydrotherapy, and more.

A young female accredited exercise physiologist is sitting with an aged care participant discussing their exercise physiology goals in Perth.
A young female accredited exercise physiologist walks along past an elderly client with a walker for aged care support.

Why work with O2 Active Exercise Physiologists

  • We are university qualified allied health professionals trained to prescribe and deliver exercise programs to patients undergoing cancer treatments.   
  • We form part of a multi-disciplinary health team, collaborating with your other health professionals including oncologists and GP’s.  
  • Our team ensures that exercise is integrated and aligns with a patient’s medical treatment. 

Funding Options:

 We understand that accessing quality healthcare services is important, which is why we offer various funding options to make our program accessible to all:

  • My Aged Care Packages: Our program may be covered under My Aged Care Packages for eligible individuals, providing financial assistance for aged care services.

  • Private Health Coverage: Many private health insurance plans offer rebates or coverage for allied health services, including exercise physiology. Check with your provider to see if you’re eligible for reimbursement.

  • Medicare Rebates: Depending on your circumstances and healthcare needs, you may be eligible for Medicare rebates for our services. Speak to your GP or healthcare provider for more information.

  • Department of Veterans Affairs: We are able to provide rehabilitative treatment for White and Gold card holders on referral from a GP.
A female accredited exercise physiologist re-positions an active ageing client to assist with back pain.
Whatever your reason, we’re here to help you achieve REAL CHANGE with REAL SUPPORT.

How to become involved in Our Active Ageing program: 

STEP 1: Call or email O2 Active

For private patients, call O2 Active to learn more about our Active Ageing program. Our staff will be ready to answer your questions and book your initial consultation with an Exercise Physiologist.

For My Aged Care Packages please use our online referral form get in touch via email.

My Aged Care Packages, medicare & health rebates may apply.   

STEP 2: Assessment & Plan Development

First consultation – During this 30-minute appointment, we will discuss: Your health history: Falls history, musculoskeletal and current health status, and mental health; this will allow us to provide you with a holistic approach to your exercise prescription.  

  • We will discuss your goals and build these into your program. 
  • We will conduct an initial assessment, which will guide your optimal starting level.  We are able to provide a report for My Aged Care if required

STEP 3: Ongoing Treatment & Management

We can assist in guiding you to either group based or individual sessions depending on your support needs and preferences. In clinic and home visits are available on request.



A female accredited exercise physiologist stands outside a residential pool while teaching an active ageing client some rehabilitation exercises.

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