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Our Supervised Gym Floor program at our North Fremantle clinic offers a safe and supervised environment for clients to execute their tailored exercise programs under the guidance of our experienced exercise physiologists. Prior to joining, each client undergoes a one-on-one session to develop a personalised program, ensuring optimal progress and support throughout their rehabilitation, chronic disease management or strength and conditioning program. Join us and experience the benefits of expert supervision on your path to improved health and fitness.


It’s about precise programming and detailed coaching to ensure you’re performing exercises correctly and efficiently.

We recognise that achieving optimal outcomes in rehabilitation, chronic disease management, and strength and conditioning requires a clinical approach. It’s not simply about exercising; it’s about adhering to precise programming and receiving detailed coaching to ensure proper execution and efficiency.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing a chronic condition, or striving for peak performance, our Supervised Gym Floor offers a clinical pathway to optimal outcomes. Join us and experience the difference that professional programming and detailed coaching can make in your clinical journey toward better health and functionality.

How to become involved in the SUPERVISED GYM FLOOR: 

STEP 1: Call O2 Active

Call O2 Active to learn more about our Supervise. Our staff will be ready to answer your questions and book your initial 60 minute consultation with an Exercise Physiologist. Medicare, health insurance, NDIS or Workcover rebates may apply.   

STEP 2: Initial consultation and programming

During this 60-minute assessment and programming, we will discuss: Your health’s history: 

  • Previous physical activity levels
  • Postural and musculoskeletal strengths and weaknesses
  • Other current therapies or activities you are partaking in.  
  • We will discuss your goals and build these into your program. 

We will then design and take you through your program. 

STEP 3: Weekly sessions

Book into the supervised gym floor or open gym.  You can purchase one off sessions, our 10 visit pack or  our weekly and monthly memberships to attend these sessions. 


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A young female accredited exercise physiologist walks along past an elderly client with a walker for aged care support Perth.

Why work with O2 Active Exercise Physiologists

  • We are university qualified allied health professionals trained to prescribe and deliver exercise programs to neurodiverse young children and youth with over 23 years of experience in this field.    
  • We form part of a multi-disciplinary health team, collaborating with your other health professionals including occupational therapists, speech therapists, behavioural specialists peadiatricians and GPs.  
  • We have no wait list and your child can start our program or one on one sessions to work towards their goals immediately.
  • Our team ensures that exercise is integrated and aligns with your child’s other therapies and supports. 

Exercise before school is known to be particular beneficial for neurodiverse children to:

  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced exercise physiologists provide personalized guidance and support throughout your session, ensuring that you perform exercises correctly and safely. This guidance is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of your rehab program and preventing injury.
  • Progress Monitoring: Our team closely monitors your progress during each session, adjusting your program as needed to optimize results. This ongoing assessment ensures that you’re continuously progressing toward your rehabilitation goals.
  • Individualised Attention: Unlike exercising alone, where you may struggle to identify and correct improper technique, our exercise physiologists offer individualised attention to address any issues and provide immediate feedback for improvement.
  • Motivation and Accountability: Working out in a supervised setting provides motivation and accountability, encouraging you to stay consistent with your rehab program and push yourself to achieve your goals.
  • Safe Environment: Our Supervised Gym Floor provides a safe and supportive environment for your rehabilitation journey, minimizing the risk of injury and maximizing your comfort and confidence during each session.

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