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How can O2 Active help you?

Our skilled and caring team of university qualified professionals focus on delivering exercise and lifestyle therapies for the prevention and management of chronic disease, injury, and disability. We design and implement tailored programs for individuals, groups, and workplaces.

Our team’s experience, knowledge, and supportive approach help you make behaviour changes to enhance your movement, function, health, and wellbeing.

As Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) we provide specialty programs for NDIS participants, oncology rehabilitation, neurodiverse youth program, women’s health, and youth sport specific strength training. We are qualified to accept doctors’ referrals from patients requiring clinical exercise services for serious injuries and/or chronic diseases.

We also provide expert workplace health services for corporates, including ergonomic assessments and injury management.

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O2 Active – Our Vision, Mission and Values

Since 2001, O2 Active have been working with people throughout Perth and surrounding areas to help them achieve their health and wellness goals. Here’s what drives us.

Our Mission

We help every client move better, feel good and take part in everyday activities and community life through tailored, evidence-based exercise and lifestyle interventions.

Our Vision

We aim to become Perth’s leading provider of accredited exercise physiology services by delivering excellent programs, building trusted partnerships, and offering an exceptional level of service.

Our Values


Every encounter with our team members is one of excellence. We always speak with kindness, honesty and the desire to build healthy, lasting relationships. We interact with positivity and integrity to foster a supportive emotional environment and client success.

Health and Wellbeing

We model a balanced approach by taking quality time for work, family and health, including total body exercise. We aim to create a supportive environment and a healthier, happier life for our team and clients through rest, play, movement, stillness, good food, and fresh air.


Trust is the foundation of any positive working environment. The sense of safety, security, and acceptance fostered by a high-trust culture enables people to take risks, go the extra mile, and give their best. We build trust within our team and with our clients.


We are dedicated to continuous improvement. As research-based service providers, our team keep up with industry trends and always strive to be our best. We are self-driven, help each other, and rise by lifting others – and role model these qualities for our clients.


We radiate positivity to motivate and inspire our clients. We use our actions, words, and body language to help people feel good. We believe in ourselves, our clients and our team.


We create positive behaviour change to enhance the health, lifestyle, and wellbeing of all our clients, regardless of their fitness, age, or ability.

Whatever your reason, we’re here to help you achieve REAL CHANGE with REAL SUPPORT

For NDIS support coordinators

Our team‘s qualifications, experience and professionalism mean we have capability to provide high-quality, evidence-based support for Western Australian NDIS participants. We are building supportive and collaborative partnerships with NDIS support coordinators to help them deliver the highest standards of client care.

We are committed to supporting your NDIS service delivery by:

  • Offering evidence-based exercise and lifestyle interventions to build client capacity, independence, and community participation
  • Communicating in a helpful, timely, and efficient manner
  • Providing timely, thorough reports that address NDIS criteria
  • Efficiently managing service agreements
  • Seeing clients across Perth and surrounding areas, including Perth, Peel and regional areas including the Wheatbelt and South West.
  • Being trustworthy, reliable and a pleasure to work with
  • Carefully choosing staff with the knowledge, skills and passion for supporting people with disability
  • Being available to answer questions and offer creative solutions for challenging or complex cases.

To discuss how we can help you, get in touch via our contact form or contact us on (08) 6186 7965 or hello@o2active.com.au.

The O2 Active Story

Caitlin Hunt founded O2 Active in 2001 to help more people experience the transformative power of movement. But her love of exercise began much earlier, during a ballet career spanning 21 years and including studies at Perth School of Ballet, WAAPA and Perth City Ballet Company.

“Dancing was a release, and I developed a passion for moving,” Caitlin says... read more

Despite not seeing herself as terribly talented, nor the typical ballet body type, Caitlin was “determined, disciplined, worked hard, and made many lasting friendships. These were some of the values ballet taught me.”

Before O2 Active, Caitlin started Silhouette Dance Studio. Her dance school embodied the positive traits of dance, while leaving behind the excessive competitiveness and tendency to push bodies beyond safe limits.

“I wanted students to explore how their bodies move, improve their posture and build their confidence. I taught students across all ability levels, with many students having special needs. I didn’t want to focus on the 1 in 1000 talented student with the drive to match. Rather, I wanted to reach the 999 out of 1000 students we could have a positive impact on. I strongly believe every child should have the opportunity to feel good through movement and being part of a community.”

O2 Active was a natural progression as the anatomy, alignment, flexibility, and strength of ballet has strong correlations with aspects of Pilates, yoga, and exercise physiology. Furthermore, Cailin has embedded the same ideals into O2 Active.

O2 Active has since grown significantly. Caitlin heads up an amazing team who share her vision and have the personality, potential and capability to fulfil it. “Exercise, movement, and community sport have had a huge impact on all our team members, and we’re passionate about enabling individuals of all ages and abilities.

“Exercise physiology encompasses good movement, stillness, and a healthy lifestyle, which not only builds your physical capacity but has many other benefits. It improves your confidence, team skills, resilience, persistence and creativity, while creating longstanding friendships. It enables you to develop a growth mindset about what you can achieve. These skills help you become a strong, empowered person who can be a valued member of any community.”

Caitlin and her team love seeing people achieve more than they thought was possible and creating real change though real support.

“The positive energy we give out comes back as we watch clients achieve their goals. We feel proud to be part of their journey of persistence and resilience. We love building trust and meaningful relationships where people feel valued, heard, and supported and believe this is the foundation of our success.

“Our team truly love what we do. Together, we can impact so many more people than we can on our own.”


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