Class Types

Our trainers are 100% committed to your results and we provide attention to your individual needs, making our classes suitable to all ages, abilities and fitness levels.


Yoga Foundations

Yoga foundations is a class designed for those wanting a beginner level yoga class.  It is a great entry level with a focus on technique, breath and the basic principals of yoga.  It is suitable for first timers regardless of age, fitness level or previous yoga experience.  You will develop strength, flexibility of the body, mindfulness and a sense of calm.

Core & Restore

(Beginner or Intermediate)
This class is a series of postures that focus on stretching, breathing and core work.  The class is designed to open out those muscles and joints, alleviate soreness, work the connective tissue, build core strength and give your mind a well deserved break from the everyday stress it experiences.

Man Stretch

(Beginner or Intermediate)

Feeling tight and sore? Improve strength, spinal alignment, flexibility, increase core stability and overall functionality of the body. Designed to be practiced by people of all age groups, fitness levels and abilities. A basic class that will compliment and open out your body from your everyday postures at work or in sport.

Power Yoga

(Intermediate or Advanced)
Power Yoga take the disciplines of a vinyasa flow Baron Baptiste linage of practice and combines it with contemporary physiotherapy understanding for a safe practice designed to facilitate longevity of a strong practice.  It works towards joint stability, muscular flexibility and detoxification but most importantly; mental, physical health and the enjoyment of simply being. The class is sequenced to challenge the major and synergist muscle groups in each area of the body.

Vinyasa Flow-Yoga®

Flow Yoga emphasises flexibility, strength, endurance, athletic performance, balance, and postural alignment, both with or and without the traditional use of the Sun Salutation. The classes also incorporate deep breathing, focus, mindfulness and relaxation leaving you feeling revitalised and refreshed with overall sense of wellness.


Yin Yoga

(Beginner to Advanaced)
Yin Yoga involves challenging the body with long held (3-5 mins) static stresses of the deep connective tissue, allowing them to be remodelled. Yin yoga is a perfect compliment to a yoga class (yang in nature), as the combination of yang and yin allow the joints to stay healthy as opposed to purely focusing on the strengthening and stretching of the muscles. Yin yoga is a very effective way of opening tight hips and hamstrings, while opening to mindfulness practice.

Stretch & Core

Basic stretch & strengthening class to increase flexibility, strength & functionality of the body, while improving spinal & joint flexibility, range of motion, circulation and postural alignment. A combination of flowing body activation movements, yoga & abdominal strengthening exercises assist in alleviating back pain & muscle tension, while preventing injury.


Pilates Foundations

This is a beginner class.  Pilates foundations is a class designed for those wanting a back to basics stretch and core strengthening class. It is a great entry level class with a focus on technique and basic principals and stretches that is suitable for first timers regardless of age, fitness level or previous pilates experience.

Pilates Intermediate

These classes are designed to challenge strength and flexibility whilst still maintaining a strong foundation of techniques.  The intermediate class is adaptable to suit a range of Pilates experience and fitness level.  The class is suitable for a beginner wanting a stronger practice and options will be given to challenge the experienced participant.

Cardio Pilates

Take it to the edge! Think boxing and cardio combined with an advanced Pilates class that will challenge your strength, coordination, flexibility and get your heart rate up.  Intermediate experience is recommended.


Outdoor Bootcamp

Designed by O2’s Caitlin Hunt, our outdoor bootcamp sessions achieve maximum physical and mental results for people of all fitness levels. Particular attention is always paid to injury management and prevention. Classes incorporate running, boxing, weight training, HIIT training, circuit, fun and sweat. Sessions can be run indoors or outdoors.



Get a dancer’s body, improve posture, balance, core and cardio fitness as you move to our music!


Personal training sessions are ideal to cater for your individual health and fitness needs, whether it be body sculpting, weight loss or rehabilitation. Sessions are tailored to get you the best results and can be either 45 minutes or 1 hour. O2 Active caters for clients who prefer the one on one training…


A core fusion class integrating Pilates, Yoga and functional strength.

The classes are designed by Caitlin Hunt and entail a full body workout combining movement flow, core control, flexibility, balance and strength into a 55 minute workout.  The class  evolved through clients wanting a class that encompassed Pilates and Yoga principals but incorporated movements and exercises that engaged core functional strength.


Aqua Fitness

Take the plunge and try our new low-impact workout that builds muscle strength, fitness and endurance. Taking place throughout the Summer season these classes are in the 25m lanes at Claremont Pool and include; water walking/jogging, bicep curls, leg lifts, kickboard moves and a lot of fun! The class can assist with joint problems, chronic pain and injury recovery. There is no lap swimming involved and all ages and levels are welcome.


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