Paediatrics & Youth Program

Suitable for children of all ages and levels, with special classes and services also available for children with disability. 

At O2 Active, our AEP’s deliver paediatric exercise and lifestyle therapies for children of all levels, and specialty classes for children with physical disability, neuro-developmental disability or developmental delays including children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We know how important your child’s specialist team are and happily work closely with them in the development of programs that will enable the best outcomes for your child.

How We Help

O2 Active AEP’s collect and utilise evidence-based research to develop our everyday and specialty programs in order to support children into positive, healthy experiences with their bodies and exercise.,

At O2 Active we believe exercise physiology assists children at all levels of fitness and wellness by improving their functional motor and sensory skills. By providing an engaging and fun therapy, exercise or mentor session, O2 Active programs will increase confidence and help children build important wellness and goal-set skills, and provide a long term sustainable solution for their health and wellness.

With over 20 years’ experience, O2 Active offers home visits, school visits, park visits, gym visits, pool sessions or you can come to us for private sessions.

Both our male and female AEP’s and professional trainers have diverse skill sets and specialty areas.

We know personality and fun is key in working with children to ensure their experience is enjoyable and help encourage them to come back for more. Our O2 Active staff are qualified to work alongside doctors and other allied health providers, and collaboratively assist children with chronic diseases, disability or motor delays into engaging environments.

Our Services

  • Increase children’s daily physical activity level, along with their confidence in their own ability
  • Improve core and overall strength and endurance
  • Improve fine motor skills, planning and coordination
  • Improve postural and body awareness and control
  • Improve balance and proprioception
  • Improve sensory processing
  • Improve expression and language
  • Improve fundamental movement skills, hand-eye coordination, movement skill timing or specific sporting skill sets
  • Create positive self-image, body-image and healthy movement habits for life

We work holistically on developmental areas including:

  • Physical
  • Sensory
  • Cognitive
  • Language & communication
  • Social emotional

Exercise physiology can also assist your child if they are resistant to exercise, show movement as stiff and rigid, are hypermobile or clumsy, are unable to maintain posture, have difficulty with sequence or timing movements or have to use more focus effort while doing these tasks and lack of confidence in their physical ability.

We aim to


Our programs will help your child use their body to their full potential, through better motor planning, patterning and body awareness, improve communication and assist in learning how to work with and cooperate with others. Our programs assist in creating a foundation for all movements. This is not limited to gross motor planning and coordination but includes fine motor skills like writing, cognitive skills like reading and social skills like sharing.


Our exercise physiology programs give children the opportunity to move through new experiences in a fun, explorative environment. This allows children to engage and learn, further enhancing sensory, cognitive, social emotional and communication skills which all contribute to a more confident and independent child.


Skills, growth mindset and emotional learnings in our programs cross into everyday life. In our physical programs, children learn how to process the emotions they are going through and develop their social competence. Through energy, movement and stillness we allow a child to respond to their moods and feelings. We help them create a strong sense of purpose and self-fulfilment as they progress and achieve their individual milestones. Through positive mentoring, we teach them to have a positive relationship with their strong body and being healthy.


Treatment and Management Process


  • Physical and functional assessment
  • Support strategies
  • Goal setting


  • School-based, home-based, gym-based, park-based, group, family and/or pool sessions available
  • Application of strength, endurance, balance, core, functional, flexibility, stillness and breathing exercises


  • Parent feedback and AEP assessment
  • Program enhancement and modification
  • Review, advise, lifestyle modification and ongoing support


Eligible children can be referred to AEP’s by doctors under a GP management plan or team care arrangement, NDIS or their health care fund. A chronic disease management plan can be available to individuals or group allied health services.

Children may be eligible for Medicare (GP TCA required), TCA, NDIS and Health Insurance rebates for exercise physiology services.


  • Written initial and final reports
  • Child’s assessment and results
  • Prescribed intervention and progressive sessions
  • Ensure all treating practitioners of the child are kept up-to-date with the child’s progress and outcomes.

Whatever your reason, we’re here to help you achieve REAL CHANGE with REAL SUPPORT.

What Our Clients Say

Dear   Caitlin,

I have lots of fun in my lessons with you! When I get out of the car I know that I am going to see my favourite person and that makes me so happy. When I like to do something you tie it in with what we are doing to make it really fun. You have helped me so much to get faster and stronger and more coordinated!

Thank you Caitlin for helping me!

Lots of love Theia (6 years old)

We have worked with Caitlin for just over a year with our daughter and what we she has achieved in that time has been nothing short of life-changing. Our sessions together are always so engaging and so much fun – it is the highlight of our week to see Caitlin! The programs are directed and purposeful and she has helped our daughter to attain the strength, coordination and fitness that has given her the confidence to love and excel at her sports and participate willingly with her friends. We cannot thank you enough, Caitlin.  (Theia’s mum)


Our 15 year old daughter has been a client of 02 Active for the past two years.  She has chronic lung disease and the respiratory specialists recommended exercise as an important tool to assist with this condition.  The researchers at the Telethon Children’s Hospital respiratory clinic have found that children born prematurely with chronic lung disease have a deteriorating lung function as they approach adulthood.

 On commencing the 02 Active program with Caitlin, our daughter could not run around an oval, was tired and had low self- esteem.  This has all since been corrected.  Her endurance level with personal fitness has increased 10 tenfold, she is confident and happy after each session and has had little respiratory illness in the last two years.

Caitlin and her team have been respectful of her limitations and made activities fun and adapted programs according to how she feels.

We believe the exercise sessions are essential to her overall health and well- being.

Jen and Geoff (parents)


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