Ergonomic Assessments

Our Exercise Physiologists are available for onsite ergonomic assessments. All assessments include a report of findings in addition to postural preventative exercises customised to you and your staff’s conditions.

The Risks of Poor Work Ergonomics

Proper ergonomics are essential for the well-being of employees in all workplaces. Poor workplace design and ergonomics can include sustained awkward postures, forceful movements and highly repetitive tasks, which can lead to short or long-term workplace injuries and issues.

The additional strain put on the body by these poor ergonomics can result in headaches, eye strain, back and neck pain, stiffness and musculoskeletal injuries.


Benefits of a Proper Set-up

At O2 Active our ergonomic assessment programs will assist in the following:

  • Improved overall health of employees
  • Improved productivity with a more efficient work station
  • Improved morale, culture and employee engagement
  • Improved workplace safety
  • Reduced absenteeism by minimising work-related injuries
  • Reduce fatigue, leading to improved work quality and efficiency

What we offer

Ergonomic Assessments: Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists will assess current and potential risks in the office workstation that may have negative health effects on staff

Prehabilitation and Injury Prevention Programs: Tailored and evidence based exercise programs designed by our Exercise Physiologists assist in the prevention of injury.

Work Hardening/Conditioning and Injury Management: A structured program to assist in employee’s return to work following an injury. Tailored exercises support improved muscle coordination, endurance and fitness to achieve functional work outcomes as well as reduce risk of re-injury.

Functional Capacity Evaluation: Screening and evaluation of a worker’s functional capacity for their particular work role.

Health & Wellbeing Risk Appraisal: Personal health and well-being checks to assess potential health risks or issues.

Staff Health Assessment: Assessment of staff members which helps identify risk factors and provide strategies to reduce negative health risks.

Injury Management: Tailored and evidence based exercise programs designed by our Exercise Physiologists to improve work function and facilitate a timely and safe return to work.

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