Are you ready for a Saturday fitness, circuit, boxing and sweat session? We want you on our team! Register your interest today!

We are super keen to get our Saturday 7:15am class started for Spring as the weather clears from October. Jess will be running the class. She’s a sports scientist currently completing her masters in exercise physiology, martial arts state champion, state soccer player. She’s great fun and has been taking our corporate boxing classes and Monday 6am bootcamp.

Caitlin has created the programs so all your injuries will be taken into account and she’ll even be surprise visiting to get her heart rate up with you!! Love to have you on board!!

Register your interest online or via the app, located under “Enrollments” called the “City Beach Saturday 7:15am Sweat Session”.   If we have enough interest the session will kick off at Beecroft Park in October.

PS. If you can’t work out how to use the app text Caitlin and she will call and help you out ?  ?