My life changed for the better as a result of receiving a Flyer in the letterbox to participate in Yoga / Pilates with O2Active. During my initial phone call Jewls asked questions around any physical issues or limitations as well as previous Yoga / Pilates experience. I’ve had hip problems since late teens but there was a special offer on and I decided the time was right to try it and see if I could do it. I’m in my early 50’s and wanted to be healthier and needed to lose weight – a lot of weight.

On attending my first Yoga class, Jewls made me feel welcome & supervised me with an eagle eye. I was also encouraged by others in the class and their amazing flexibility. They were a friendly bunch and I felt welcome and most importantly, being overweight, I didn’t feel judged which encouraged me to return and try a Pilates class.

7 months on I feel great and I’m enjoying my positive change in lifestyle thanks to Caitlin & Jewls! I attend 3 or 4 classes a week, I’ve addressed my eating habits and have lost 23kgs. My body shape has changed a lot, I’m feeling more energetic, a lot stronger and more confident in my body.

My doctor is happy with my Blood Sugar levels and my Cholesterol which are much more important than how I look so as to be able to live a long and healthy life. My body fat / muscle ratio has changed considerably and my hip no longer stops me from doing what I want. I sometimes pause while in a Yoga pose, amazed at how I got here.

Some of the older participants I sweat with in class have been active with Caitlin for more than a decade and a half and they continue to inspire me with their flexibility and zest for life. Caitlin knows her participants (young and old) and their abilities / limitations and always offers an alternative exercise if and when required.


(Aine.  Claremont)