IN TODAY’S world, hectic and busy lives have become the norm. Many of us get caught up in a never-ending to-do list and focus so much on getting things done or pleasing those around us that we forget to focus on just being. In doing so, we end up sacrificing our own wellbeing and happiness.

We far too often miss the enjoyable details of our lives and often take for granted the things that mean the most to us.

Take some time to identify the things which create stress in your life. Consider whether these stressors add any value to your wellbeing. Stress is not always negative; stress can be motivating and inspiring. If the stresses in your life do not produce any positive effects, think about how you can reduce or eliminate them.

Now think about what is really important to you; the people, activities and things which make you feel good. Make a list of the things that increase your happiness and remember to reassess it occasionally, as it may change.

Think about how you can make the items on your list a bigger part of your life. This does not have to be complex; it may be as simple as making time to catch up with a friend for coffee.

There will always be times when you cannot focus solely on the things which make you happy. On those days it is about having a positive atti- tude.

When you feel your stress levels starting to rise or you come across what feels like a problem, try to view it as merely a situation. Recognise that each situation is temporary, as are the negative feelings that accompany it.

Instead of getting caught up in the demands of your busy lifestyle, make a conscious decision to improve your happiness by doing one thing each day that makes you feel good. Then, watch the snowball effect it has on those around you.