If food were my friend I would be VERY happy. Actually I’d be thrilled. I would feel less stressed about what I ate. I would have less judgement around what I did eat and there wouldn’t be such a constant mental fight and crappy self-talk. It would be like a weight lifted from me, something which is always on my mind in one way or another.


If food were my friend it could settle back into being one of the things in my life rather than THE main thing in my life which I usually feel I don’t do such a great job at. I sometimes wonder too if some of my weight is about that energetic holding in relation to food not being my friend, by constantly thinking the “wrong” foods will just cause weight gain.


If food were my friend I think I would feel much more peaceful in myself and be able to approach it much more peaceably rather than in such an adversarial fashion. If food were my friend I would be able to think and eat like a lighter person.


So the big question is why can’t food be my friend now? What am I waiting for?


I had a conversation with a friend the other day about what would change when I hit my goal weight. Yes, there’s the obvious stuff – I’d be slimmer and fitter, I could buy smaller sized clothes and maybe I wouldn’t be sensitive about certain things. But ultimately me is still me – and I’ll carry my weather wherever I go.


Starting now, food is my friend. She’s a good friend to have in my corner cheering for my success.


Ps: Try asking yourself: If food were my friend I would….see what comes up for you.

(Sometimes Sarah is a Perth gal with a weight loss goal of over 60 kg who’ll be sharing the good, the bad and the sometimes painful on her own weight loss and fitness journey.)

A note from Caitlin:

The good news is food is your friend!! The even better news is there are so many healthy options out there!! It is our habits that have been created and ingrained over many years that may not be your friend!

I really am full of good new for you today as guess what… You are in the drivers seat and are in control and have the ability to reshape learned behaviours 🙂 I believe in you and so should you! Good food will bring your body nutrition and keeps you healthy, in good spirits and alive. If you tried to run a car on bad fuel it would chug along and probably break down. Run your body on good fuel!! Take little baby steps, plan and one at a time to start changing bad habits. Even having the ability to recognise these bad habits is the start of a change model.

I often see clients turn to bad or too large quantities of food when they are stressed or unhappy. Breaking this habit can be one of the keys to moving towards their health and wellbeing goals. Create a high to lift your spirit in another form that is not going to sabotage what you are working to become. Doing 5 a minute meditation, getting out in the sunshine (now that spring is here!!), drinking some water with lemon are some of the “swaps” we suggest. Remember why you want to eat well, why you want to feel great. Constant reminders of how well you have done and what you want will keep you motivated along the way!  Hiccups are totally normal, they key is that 80%!!

If weight loss is your goal, remember nothing is bad in moderation and portion size is the key. Focus on eating well 80% of the time.  Even I am not perfect all the time! Find, love and live life in balance!!