How far will you go with food?


How far will you go with food to identify with a tribe, a group, a trend or a fad?


Think about why that is…


I tortured myself and twisted myself into knots trying to be all this and all that. Maybe it wasn’t even so much knots as it was this overwhelming sense of having to push too hard. Of having to try too hard when it came to my eating.


What I discovered was what I really needed to do was find what worked for me, what made me happy, supported my fitness, encouraged my healthy eating and ultimately my weight loss. We all know there’s nothing worse than a “diet” which makes us work so hard it’s both torturous and depressing. If weight loss is a goal you will have to work for it, but you’ll also have to work for taking that hill at a run not a shuffle.


When you’re trying to create a new lifestyle of good eating and exercise, while there’s not a hack for everything, do give yourself a break. Learn and little about how you like to do things and work with your strengths. Why torture yourself about doing something active after work if you love getting up early and doing it then. Work with your flow – not against it!


If your personality can cope with launching head-on into veganism and throwing out your leather shoes or handbags then go for it. For the rest of us, a couple of well-made and joyful vegetarian or vegan meals a week is the least pressure place to start. Or drinking a little less. Or swap a sandwich at lunch for a salad more days of the week.


Raw, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, raw balance, no grain, all juice? There are so many choices. I made it simple for myself to start: eat more plants, less sugar and less processed food. I went with what I knew I could do and decided being good to my body and my mind was more important than being able to identify with any food movement.

(Sometimes Sarah is a Perth gal with a weight loss goal of over 60 kg who’ll be sharing the good, the bad and the sometimes painful on her own weight loss and fitness journey.)


A note from Caitlin:

DSC_6916With so many fads out there no wonder Sarah is confused… what one person will tell you is a super food another person will tell you is evil!!  Every body is different but in general, nothing is bad in moderation.  I am not a qualified dietician however we encourage our clients that are not intolerant to:

  • Eat treat foods are treats; not every day.
  • Eat unprocessed natural foods especially fruits and vegetables are every day foods.
  • Have breakfast before 8am to kick start your metabolism Eat 4-6 cups of vegetables every day.
  • Balance your meals with a little protein, lots of veggies and half a cup of unprocessed carbohydrates.
  • Enjoy your food, eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring!!!