Listen to what your body wants and needs. Get used to hearing it and heeding it.


I’m not talking about the voice that’s telling you that a packet of Tim Tams is a good idea. That voice can be a pretty loud one and hard to ignore. We’ve all been there!


I’m talking about that more subtle voices, the ones which whisper for you to lace up your shoes and go for a run because something in your body just needs a good stretch, or there’s something in your head you just can’t shake unless you turn the music up loud and dance about the house.


I’m guilty of thinking I’m too busy to attend to what seem like the trifling needs of my body. Aren’t there more important things to do? Really? When I ask that question my answer is to remember that when I have vibrant health, I have all the wealth in the world.


But I still have to work at tuning in for long enough to notice my back is a little stiff. Then I have to apply effort: commit to 2 minutes or 10 minutes to stretch or do some exercise and give my body a bit of satisfaction. The payoff is that I know full well these moments serve me in the long run.


My body and my head get sluggish when I don’t go enough activity, at any weight. It’s much more effortless when I’m out and about everyday in the warm weather but in winter it’s so much easier to choose the couch or a warm bed. That’s when I find I have to work harder to tune in, because like being rugged up with lots of warm clothes, my body’s requests for activity (no matter how mild) are being muffled by winter excuses under a pile of jumpers, coats, socks, scarves and warming meals.


The body has the most amazing capacity to help and heal. I remind myself daily that listening is my first step.


(Sometimes Sarah is a Perth gal with a weight loss goal of over 60 kg who’ll be sharing the good, the bad and the sometimes painful on her own weight loss and fitness journey.)


A note from Caitlin:

DSC_6916Our bodies are designed to move, Sarah’s blog is something that rings true to us all.  In a western world we provide escalators and lifts in place of steps, cars in place of bikes and walking further more technology and buildings are designed around keeping staff chair bound and with minimal activity from 9-5 (I mean more like 8am-6:30pm).  Adapt or die with the forward advancements of western society… but be kind to your body and give your mind a break with some physical stimulation.  Let your body live, stretch, move and invigorate!! Once you get over the temptation that your warm doona is calling you, your body and mind will thank you.  No one ever regrets getting out and seeing the sun rise and the peace and still of the morning 🙂 Every body craves movement in some form… Enjoy xx