When coaching clients on weight loss, I emphasize exercise alone will not bring you results.  At O2 Group Training we aim to maximize your weight loss program by increasing your metabolism and creating positive long lasting changes to your lifestyle.   This will include changing some food behaviour’s and choices you are currently making and changing some exercise and daily movement behaviour’s and choices.  And these are exactly that… little choice that you make each and every day which will impact and make big changes to your results over time.


A commonly asked question is how much carbohydrate do you need to be eating to maximize weight loss.  Most people do not need to drop lower than 80 – 150 grams of carbohydrates a day if they are trying to lose weight (Ask Jess, my dog, however and would definitely suggest more!!).  This will obviously vary depending on your exercise level.  If you drop your carbohydrate level too low you will lose weight but you will be cranky, tired, perhaps have headaches and run the risk of taking your body into a state of ketoacidosis.  This can have damaging effects many damaging effects to your organs.


To see how much carbohydrate you are having you can log your food into the MyFitnessPal app.  Watch out for all those extras that slip in for example coffees, alcohol, those extra few rice crackers, biscuits and other snacks.  1/2 a cup of rice, 1/2 a corn cob and a medium jacket potato all contain around 20g of carbohydrates.


DSC_6916Happy moving, happy eating!!

Caitlin xx