I’ve walked the same morning route for a while. Making some concession for the seasons, I pretty much lace up my sneakers and head out about the same time every day.


So do a lot of other people.


The other day I realised I’ve accidentally become part of a community which is encouraging me towards my fitness goals – all those people who run, cycle and walk in the morning when I do.


They’re an eclectic and largely friendly bunch. There’s the runner I want to emulate one day (and this woman doesn’t just jog, she runs – and it’s beautiful to watch), the old salt who has a frayed piece of rope as his dog lead, the hot guy who always smiles like he’s got some huge secret and the older man who I imagine is a judge because there’s just something about him.


I don’t know these people and they don’t know me, but every morning I exchange a cheery hello with this collection of unexpected community. Even after being out of action for a few weeks thanks to a foot issue, these people welcomed me back with smiles, helloes and even the odd passing comment of “it’s nice to see you back”. Wow, someone noticed.


These people don’t know it but they inspire me. They make no demands but remind me that the path is always there waiting for me.


In fact one of them stopped me once and said I was her inspiration. Why? Because I show up. Pretty much every day. Not because I’m fast. Not because I’m skinny. Not because I wear $500 shoes. Because I show up.


So I’m here. I walk in the good and crappy weather. How fast doesn’t matter. I just show up and put one foot in front of the other. And on the days when my knees hurt like hell, it’s a thrill and hugely affirming to know this version of me is enough.


A note from Caitlin:

DSC_6916I was lucky to come across this amazingly talented lady as one of my clients as she works towards loosing 50 plus kgs.  There is so much to love about Sarah… Her peaceful nature, her goals, her determination, her sense of who she is, her direction forward from the present moment, her struggles and not to mention her raw honesty.  After working
with her for 6 months and having her create a journal I discovered she had a talent… This girl can write!!! 

Her story was something so many people on a weight loss (or just an everyday journey!) can relate to… her (t)highs, her lows, her good days and bad days.  The baby steps and self development are teaching her more than just the physical.  After a few months we came up with the idea of blogging her story and “Sometimes Sarah” was born…  I hope you enjoy her writing as much as I do.

Caitlin xx