What makes you really happy?

When was the last time you felt happy?  Not just happy because you won $10 on ascratchie but bone deep happy.  Happy when your heart sang?  When something you were doing spoke to you like you were best friends?  Something which calmed you and just made you feel like you were in the right place.

I have this theory. I think it’s impossible to not be happy if you are doing the things which make your heart sing.

So consider this – pick 10 things which make you really happy.  I’m not talking about winning Lotto or that house in France, or anything else which is more than likely to be a big impossible dream.

I mean 10 things which are small but big.  The things which light you up and show you what’s really important – a cup of great coffee, the smile of your child, the sunrise, gardening, a text from your best friend or an early morning run.  Those things which, when you are in the moment, just make the world and everything in it, alright.

Now list 10.  Once you have your list, do your best to make sure that EVERYDAY you do at least six things on that list.  More if you can manage it.  Some of them will be easier to get to than others.  Make time to gaze into the eyes of your sweetheart before you both get out of bed and take the time to find a cup of coffee which makes your inner cat purr or roar with satisfaction.  We all know that a bad cup of coffee is a complete let-down.

So my theory is this: if these 10 things really make you happy and lift your spirits, doing most of them everyday should almost guarantee that no matter what else is going on in your life, they will imbue you with a small sense of joy, peace and hope.


(Sometimes Sarah is a Perth gal who’ll be sharing the good, the bad and the sometimes painful on her own weight loss and fitness journey.)


A note from Caitlin:

DSC_6916I was lucky to come across this amazingly talented lady as one of my clients.  There is so much to love about Sarah… Her peaceful nature, her goals, her determination, her sense of who she is, her direction forward from the present moment, her struggles and not to mention her raw honesty.  After working
with her for 6 months and having her create a journal I discovered she had a talent… This girl can write!!! 

Her story was something so many people on a weight loss (or just an everyday journey!) can relate to… her (t)highs, her lows, her good days and bad days.  The baby steps and self development are teaching her more than just the physical.  After a few months we came up with the idea of blogging her story and “Sometimes Sarah” was born…  I hope you enjoy her writing as much as I do.

Caitlin xx