“May your heater be kind, your mind be fearless and your spirit be brave!!”

Super Series Kick Start

Week 7

Your Monday mission this week should you coose to accept is to get some sleep and get into bed before 11pm.The later you stay up, the worse it is for your hormones, your body’s natural immune systems and you are more likely to be snacking so get into bed earlier, at least on work nights.
Getting a goods nights sleep will give you improved energy levels for the next day.  The average adult sleeps 5-6 hours however the average body will be at it’s best with 7-9 hours.  Try and remove all electronical devices… including the attached Iphone that I am sure many of you are culprits of having as your bedside buddy and see if you can make the commitment to be in bed by 10 or 11pm this week!!Have a great week and see you all next week!!Caitlin, Jenny & Rosanna xx