1. Eat breakfast before 8am on most days and be sure it contains some carbohydrate and protein.
  2. Most of you should be aiming to reach towards 10000 steps EVERY day.  Even if you are not there yet, this should be a long term goal.
  3. Schedule your exercise sessions into your week.  If you are time poor interval sessions are a great way to get maximal benefit for minimal time.
  4. Use “real foods” not processed packaged food and include 3-5 cups of vegetables and salad each day.
  5. Try to eat dinner by 8pm. Eating after 8pm, keep it light.
  6. Drink water when you are thirsty.  Be aware and try to avoid drinking too many extra calories.  Sports drinks, cordials, soft drinks, fruit juice and diary based drinks are high in calories and will surprise you in how much they add to your calorie input.
  7. Plan your snacks and meals.  Try and have a stock of healthy snacks at work or in your bag as then you won’t make quick snap decisions or be left with the only option a non ideal snack.
  8. Control your dinner serving sizes.  This is a common blow out meal where we over eat.  If you have maintained a balance diet through out the day there is no need to pile your plate with 2 serving worths! Remember protein for dinner should be no larger than the size of your palm.
  9. What ever your exercise choice, make sure you enjoy it.  You will stick to it much better this way.
  10. All fats are not equal.  Good fats such as seeds, raw nuts, avocado, olive oil and seed/nuts oils are healthy and will aid your weight loss goals.  Make sure you include these in your diet.