Corporate Services

Create positive benefits for your company and your employees.

Our Corporate Services are developed by founder and director of O2 Active, Caitlin Hunt.

O2 Active can help create positive behavioural changes in your workplace to keep your employees strong, able, happy, healthy and resilient.

Retaining motivated, productive workers with strong team morale helps reduced  absenteeism and injury/accident rates saving your company $5.81 for every $1 spent on health and wellness (Health and Productivity Institute of Australia, 2010).

O2 Active offers a range of corporate services and can tailor programs to your requirements.

Our Corporate Services Include

  • Workplace fitness, pilates and yoga classes (weekly/monthly)
  • Workplace meditation and mindfulness sessions
  • Workplace massage and physio
  • Corporate team building and professional development days
  • Corporate health and wellness programs
  • Healthy Eating & Life Style Programs (HELP)
  • Lunch & Learn: Health and lifestyle seminars and workshops
  • In-house fitness centre management
  • Onsite mining and construction health and wellness: FIFO2

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